1966 Chevrolet El Camino

This is a Fresno-based car, where the owner could not easily locate a Dakota Digital dealer that would work within his time frame.  Most of the other components had already been repaired or replaced.  All that was needed was a quick installation of direct-fit VHX gauges.  He contacted us and we agreed to work within his time request.

The installation went exactly as planned.  We don’t have many pictures, but the factory gauges had typical issues of a 42-year-old cluster.  The speedometer would not swing past 30 mph.  The oil and temperature were just warning lights, and the fuel gauge was not accurate.  The owner had installed an aftermarket three-gauge setup mounted under the dash near the transmission tunnel.  All of these items were removed.

We converted the tail shaft of the Tremec TKO-500 transmission from cable-driven speedometer to a factory electronic sender.  This made for a cleaner installation as well as better accuracy than merely using an external speed sender.

In the end, the owner was very happy with the installation.  The car now had an adjustable electronic speedometer, a tachometer, and all of the other gauges are now in the driver’s direct view instead of toward the floor.  The fuel gauge was calibrated and accurate.  We also utilized the Dakota Digital odometer adjustment.  This allows us to input existing mileage onto the odometer.   Instead of starting at 00000, the mileage continued from previous reference.