1964 Chevrolet El Camino-Under Construction

1964 Chevrolet El Camino will get modern upgrades to power everything.

The owner of this vehicle contacted us through this website and wanted to discuss his project.  We scheduled the initial visit and they drove to our shop from the Riverside Area.  After a successful meet-and-greet, we discussed details and concerns of their project.  A few weeks later, the owner advised he was ready to proceed with the project and an agreement was reached for us to road-trip to his residence and pickup the car.

Based on the design meetings with the client, this El Camino will be the most modern / technically upgraded vehicles we’ve been involved with.  Within his budget, the owner would like to install power everything.  Power windows, remote door latches, engine controls, suspension controls, etc.  He has requested a completely custom center console with all of these switches / screens / controls integrated as if born that way.


After arrival to our shop, we began familiarizing ourselves to the car and laying out an initial plan.  The customer had already installed a RIDETECH air suspension kit complete with A-arms, trailing-arms, and a twin compressor setup with large tank.  The setup did have a few leaks, but after installing the phone application we were able to manage the ride height and move it around the shop.

The existing drivetrain, consisting of a 396 big-block and TH350 transmission, came out first.  Then the air system and electrical components were disconnected.  A few body-bolts were rusted solid and had to be cut off.  After the body was free, we put it on the rotisserie.


After thorough cleaning, a coat of gloss-black POR-15 was applied inside and out of the frame rails.  A new polyurethane body-mount kit is waiting patiently for the body to return.  All new brake hard-lines are ordered, as well as updated brake components, PROFORGED steering upgrade kit, sway bars, and a shiny new CPP quick-ratio steering box.  While drivetrain is being built, we will cover the rolling chassis in plastic and bolt the body back on. After painting and other coatings are all in place, we will remove the plastic.


Regular progress is being made, so keep checking back for updates.